September 20, 2016

Bestival 2016 Tie-Dye Workshops

If you follow us on social media you’ll have seen our posts from Bestival two weekends ago. We were at the festival for our second year running tie-dye workshops and maybe even had more fun than last time.

This year we were set up in a Tee-Pee (tipi?) which was more in the centre of the festival but still a part of the Slow Motion area. We could see the main stage and most of the festival site out the front which was cool and look how pretty it was!


Can you spy one of our volunteers in a New Craft House tee? They were all made for us by the lovely people at Zazzle!

bestival tie dye new craft house

The weather was amazing every day apart from one where we had to shelter inside We sat outside with people, chatting as they dyed their t-shirts. We think we might have even got a bit tanned.



As usual we were tie-dyeing t-shirts with people in a choice of Dylon dye colours. We picked 6 colours that we thought were bright and beautiful; Tropical Green, Flamingo Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Intense Violet, Ocean Blue and Bahama Blue.

Dylon dyes bestival


We love how easy the Dylon hand dyes are to use, you just put a sachet in warm water with salt and leave your tied up t-shirt in it for an hour.Β The t-shirts all came out looking beautiful!

image3 image4 This sunshine yellow double-dyed t-shirt was our favourite of the festival.


Thanks Bestival for having us again and for all of the fun times – we’ll be back next year!

Hannah + Rosie

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