September 30, 2015

Bestival Tie-Dye Workshops

Bestival was the best way to see out Summer 2015. It was full-on and mental and brilliant.  A whole week of sunshine and music and lots and lots of tie-dye! We had our own tent at the festival in the chilled-out Slow Motion area which had everything from yoga classes to alpacas, astronomy readers to music and our personal favourite – the WI cake tent! The lovely Isle of Wight Women’s Institute were right next to us and sold every type of homemade cake you could imagine.

festival new craft society


We ate so many.

We arrived a couple of days before the festival began and enjoyed running around the empty site and setting up our tent.


festival new craft society tie dye

Bestival’s theme this year was Summer of Love so we thought that tie-dyeing would be a fitting craft to do with everyone. These hearts were perfect for it.




Our team of crafters were all brill and looked pretty fancy in their NCS t-shirts, thanks Zazzle for printing them for us! We couldn’t have done the festival without all of their help and happiness.

IMG_6181_2IMG_6098_2IMG_6023Aren’t the DYLON colours we used pretty? The most popular choice was Intense Violet but our favourite was Tropical Green. The hand dyeing sachets were so easy to use, we’ve got big plans to try dyeing our own silk with them soon!

nylon tie dye new craft society

new craft society dylon tie dye

Over the four festival days we had more than 500 tie-dyeing visitors to our tent. We tied and dyed and tied and dyed for four days straight and our nails will probably never forgive us. If you want to avoid staining your nails and hands black when dyeing then wear gloves!


new craft society tie dye


new craft tie dye bestival

We had the best, busiest time and can’t wait to get back next year. Thank you to everyone who visited our tent and joined in with some tie dye, you made our Summer of Love truly magical!

rosie and hannah new craft

R + H


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