March 12, 2013

Aaron’s Needlepoint Project

My boyfriend has basically never crafted in his life. He made a canvas bag for his sister with my help a few Christmases ago but apart from that he is a needle-and-thread virgin. A few weeks ago he found a small canvas frame in a charity shop and decided he’d like to try his own needlepoint project. He LOVES cycling and wanted to incorporate this in his design so we found a bicycle pattern on the internet and he got started!



Isn’t my wool basket pretty with all those colours?

I’m thinking of getting him to do four bicycles in different colours and sew them together to make the face of a cushion cover. Any better ideas out there?!


You can tell in this picture how the back has got slightly messy but it really doesn’t matter. For those of you who have never tried needlepoint – it doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect, just have fun with it!


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