March 6, 2013

Button Hearts

These little button hearts are perhaps the quickest quickie of all. All you need is wire (various types/thicknesses will work), wire cutters and buttons!


I initially made a small one as an idea to put on a homemade Valentine’s day card but ended up creating a few larger ones too as decorations. I have one hanging on the wall by my bed and am already, slightly prematurely, thinking that they’d make amazing Christmas tree decorations!


If you’d like to make a button heart for yourself here’s how…

1. Cut a length of wire. Make it longer than you think you’ll need, you can always shorten it later.

2. Thread your first button into the middle of the wire. You can use the button holes to thread it like an actual button but any way you find of securing it will work fine.

3. This button now becomes the ‘bottom point’ of your heart so continue threading buttons up on both sides of this button.

4. You can bend the wire around as you thread to create the heart shape. Don’t worry if it is misshapen you can bend the wire afterwards to correct it!

5. When you have secured the final button twist both ends of the wire around and in to secure them and ensure they aren’t poking outwards.This may be easier with pliers!

6. Cut the ends of your wire as needed.

7.Tie string, ribbon or anything else you have lying around to the top of your heart so it can be hung.


These hearts aren’t meant to look perfect so it’s basically impossible to go wrong! Perhaps you could try making different shapes or using beads instead of buttons? We’d love to see what you come up with!



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