March 23, 2015

By Hand London: Short Anna Dress

One of my favourite places to spend a Sunday morning in London is Columbia Road Flower Market.Β It’s a bustling, beautiful market with THE most amazing flowers and plants for sale.

columbia road flower marketOn a sunny day it can seem like just about everybody in East London has squeezed themselves down the narrow street but the buskers and coffee shops provide plenty of respite so don’t be put off by the crowds! If you head there later in the day, around 2/3pm, it’s a little quieter and you’ll also pick up some bargains.

columbia road market london


Last weekend I took my latest Anna dress for a walk to Columbia Road. It’s basically the same as my first Anna dress just shorter and it was just as easy to make. This is the perfect pattern if you want to complete a dress in an afternoon.

liberty print anna dress by hand london

liberty print anna dress by hand london

fluffy colourful pussy willow Β liberty print anna dress by hand london

liberty print anna dress by hand london

new craft society anna dress liberty print

columbia road market

liberty print anna dress by hand london

The market was as pretty as ever and I think this Liberty print matched the springtime vibes perfectly. I need some new dress pattern suggestions though, has anyone got any they can recommend? I’ve got so much fabric and my flat is about to burst!




I love this dress so pretty and your pale blue trench coat- where did you find that beauty??


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