March 7, 2013

Ceramic Illustrations


I’ve been posting a bit about various pottery projects that I’m working on and I know that not many people have easy access to a kiln, which makes those projects impossible. I wanted to find a quickie craft that’s easy to do and can be done with the most basic equipment… you’ve only gotta go…

March 6, 2013

Button Hearts


These little button hearts are perhaps the quickest quickie of all. All you need is wire (various types/thicknesses will work), wire cutters and buttons! I initially made a small one as an idea to put on a homemade Valentine’s day card but ended up creating a few larger ones too as decorations. I have one…

March 2, 2013

Simple Jewellery


This can take a little time if you’re using tiny beads like me, but it really is a simple project that makes a really cute little gift for a friend or yourself. Invest in some of these round headed pliers.. they are useful for all sorts of things in jewellery making, so definitely worth the…

February 4, 2013

Yarn Jars


These are a perfect way to re-use glass jars and left over yarn – the best thing about them is that they literally take two minutes to complete. I saw them originally in a wedding craft book and thought they looked so pretty that I had to try them myself! They’re super easy to make,…