Cath Kidston – 180 Piccadilly

Last week we were shown around the new Cath Kidston flagship store at 180 Piccadilly and fell in love! If you haven’t been, then  definitely stop by and have a look. You may have seen the opening on twitter, where 8 Cath Kidston customised taxis were revealed and took people to the new store for free!

Cath Kidston's Gift To London

Cath Kidston's Gift To London

The bottom floor is full of homewares and a Piccadilly store exclusive furniture covering service. There’s a sofa covered in the prettiest bird print which H and I are currently coveting. We’ve also been told that part of the downstairs area is going to be turned into a Cath Cafe! Pretty excited for afternoon tea in Cath Kidston print.


The other two floors are full of every Cath Kidston product you could hope for along with some London specific ranges. Have you seen the Piccadilly print? We love it! For Christmas there’s also a post box and little cards you can fill in to ask for a Christmas gift and a winner gets chosen every day.


The store also stocks a range of products that Cath Kidston have teamed up with Crisis UK to develop. All of the profits go to Crisis UK who do amazing work with single homeless people – especially important through winter. We have one of the make it yourself Crisis and Cath Kidston Christmas decorations so look out for that on the blog soon.


Our absolute favourite products though were these amazing penguin pyjamas, in fact we ended up buying a pair each. Nothing wrong with matching pyjamas, right?!

image (1)

As if you needed any more reasons to get down to the store, if a Piccadilly pigeon poos on you on your way the team will give you a brand new t-shirt.

Lucky indeed!