August 16, 2016

Cath Kidston Back to School Crafts

We’ve teamed up with Cath Kidston to bring you a couple of simple craft projects that are just perfect to while away a Summer holiday afternoon. Cath Kidston have two great new collections out for their Back To School campaign and we came up with these two craft projects that go perfectly with them!

They’re really simple and suitable for children (with some help at times!). Read on to find out how to make our dinosaur felt badges and a pony silhouette stencilled cushion.

Dino badge1

Felt Dino Badges

This is so simple, quick and inexpensive you won’t be able to stop making them once you get going. You can make absolutely any shape, but we made up these dinosaur badges. They’re perfect for pinning on to a bag or coat for a first day back at school!

You will need:

  • – a few pieces of felt in a selection of colours
  • – PVA glue
  • – scissors
  • – a picture of a dinosaur outline
  • – clips or pin badge backs
  • CK dino badges
  • You need to:
  • – pin your stencil to the felt and cut out the dinosaur in your main colour.
  • – Cut out any details that you’d like to add to your dino and glue these on with little blobs of PVA glue. Allow to dry.
  • – Once you’ve got your whole dinosaur front assembled stick the clip or pin back onto the back of the felt dino with some PVA glue and allow to fully dry.

These dino badges are so quick to make up you’ll have a whole herd in no time! They’re quite addictive and perfect for wearing on your first day back to school.

Dino badge2
  • Stencilled Pony Cushion

I don’t think you can have too many Cath Kidston cushions, I like to pile them high! This simple tutorial is an easy way to customise a cushion and get creative. We’ve gone for a horse outline to go alongside Cath Kidston’s new Pony print – perfect for any pony lover!

Cath Kidston Crafts

You will need:

  • – an outline of a pony head/ body
  • – acrylic spray paint (you can use a mask with this if you prefer and make sure you spray outside)
  • – masking tape
  • – a Cath Kidston cushion in your favourite print
  • – cutting mat
  • – craft knife
  • – a gold pen
  • CK pony cushion
  • You need to:
  • – Cut out your chosen stencil carefully using your craft knife and cutting mat. Make sure that you do small cuts and do not have any fingers in front of the blade.
  • – Lay your cut stencil on top of your cushion and secure in place with masking tape. Make sure it is as flat as possible so that the stencil comes out neat.
  • – Spray a light layer of spray paint on to the stencil. Keep the spray can moving and make sure the paint isn’t too thick. Build up the colour in layers. Make sure that you’re spraying outside in a well ventilated area.
  • – Once the paint is touch dry carefully remove the stencil and allow to dry completely.
  • – To neaten up the edges of the stencil you can outline them in a gold pen – makes them extra special!

You can go as wild as you like with this project – how about a few different stencils on the same cushion, or each side a different design? It’s the easiest way to customise your favourite Cath Kidston cushion.

  • Pony 2
  • So there you have our two simple projects that are perfect for the school holidays. There’s an extra incentive to get crafting too – a chance to win some dino and pony goodies! Cath Kidston are running a competition over on their blog – you can find full details about itΒ here. Good luck!

Hannah + Rosie

Cath Kidston Crafts

Note: this post was sponsored by Cath Kidston.

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