March 7, 2013

Ceramic Illustrations

I’ve been posting a bit about various pottery projects that I’m working on and I know that not many people have easy access to a kiln, which makes those projects impossible. I wanted to find a quickie craft that’s easy to do and can be done with the most basic equipment… you’ve only gotta go out and buy one little thing!

Β IMG_6745

A ceramic pen can be found in most big crafts shops, or look online for the cheapest ones. Just make sure it can be used on ceramic/pottery and is permanent, cause you don’t want your image being washed away. It really is as simple as drawing your image directly onto your piece of crockery (I’ve used a little teapot and milk jug I found lying around). It doesn’t have to be an especially neat or complicated design.. mine a very simple but I think they are lovely! This is a very very quickie quick project with really great results. The perfect way to customise a plain old teapot.

Remember to check the back of your pen, because some types do need to be baked for a couple of hours to fix them permanently. And definitely take care when you’re washing them, be gentle!




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