November 18, 2013

Chuckhack Workshop for Converse

We’ve been a little slow on our posts lately and that’s because we’ve been so bloody busy. We’re trying to organise ourselves more so that we can keep up with everything, lots is happening! On Saturday 23rd November we are running a Chuckhack workshop with Converse and Google+. We’re super excited about it and have been prepping our session for the last couple of weeks.


Our Session

Our workshop isΒ woolΒ centred. We are celebrating all things woolly and knitting up some accessories that you can add to your Chucks, from cuffs and laces to pom poms. It’s suitable for both beginner and intermediate knitters.


There’s a great selection of workshops available from 21st- 25th November at Hoxton Garages on Kingsland Road. You can sign up for all of theΒ classes here. We’d love to see you at ours!


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