December 12, 2013

Converse and Google+ Chuckhack Workshop

3 weeks ago R and I held a Chuckhack workshop for Converse and Google+. Our session was part of a 5-day program of workshops and exhibitions held at the Hoxton Garages Gallery in Shoreditch – a really great venue and they have loads going on so definitely check it out.

image (5)

Our session brief was to hold a workshop for 16 people (mostly men) and Hack a Chuck. Ours centred around crafts and we decided to use wool to customise and hack up our chucks. We taught the whole class to knit – VERY impressed with some people’s determination to learn – and then everyone got creative with their Chucks and created some amazing designs. We were really impressed and you can see some animated gifs of the Chucks here in ourΒ Google+Β album.


Busy workshop in full swing!


Knitting determination.



It was great to work creatively with a brand that we have both loved for years. A massive thanks to everyone who came along and took part, we’ll be sharing some videos of the event soon so keep an eye out!

H & R



It looks like a super cool workshop – well done guys. I am so tempted to customise my chucks but the colour is limited edition and I can’t bring myself to do it!


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