September 10, 2014

Craft Catch Up

We have both been a little bit absent from here for the last month and feel bad for our huge lack of posts. We left our little house with the pink door at the end of August and have both been getting set up in our new homes in a world of packing and unpacking and then more unpacking. We were sad to leave the pink door, but very excited for the new year! September always brings a lot of change so it is quite an exciting time.

Although a lot of our craft supplies have been confined to a cardboard box for the last few weeks we have both been working on projects (mostly knitting – so easily transportable compared to dress making) and will be sharing these with you soon. We wanted to give you a little heads up about what is to come in the next couple of months and what we have been working on…

R has been working on turning her new flat into a home and is transforming furniture with her stash of Annie Sloan Chalk paint. She’s going to be sharing her projects very soon.

Annie Sloan progress

R has also been working on a jumper which might be finished by next Autumn or maybe Autumn 2015… It has a tricky cable design on it (we have no cable knowledge or skills) and is on tiny needles. It’s the Shannon jumper from Rowan, here’s what the final thing will look like:

Rowan Shannon

I can’t seem to stop wanting to sew more clothes at the moment. I have really enjoyed discovering some new dressmaking blogs and I am feeling very inspired. My wish list of projects to make is HUGE, but top is a Grainline Studio Archer and a Moss mini skirt. Yes, I am VERY late to the Archer party, but I think I am wayyyy behind with my sewing and trying to catch up! I can see that with each garment I complete I’m getting better and better and have been trying out some new skills. With my last project, my quilted Papercut Rigel bomber, I did my first welted pocket and it was a success! I think…? Post is coming up next week!

Rigel Bomber

Alongside this bomber I have been slugging through my knitting (now almost a year in the making I am ashamed to say). Will it ever get completed? Who knows. I’ll keep you updated on instagram and maybe one day you will see a photo of me wearing it. R and I started these at the same time last year, here she is wearing hers.

Rosie's knitted jumper

Mine’s an exact twin, but in this purple Rowan Lima.

Rowan Lima

We are also both incredibly excited to be taking classes at Ray Stitch over the next month! R is doing a recreate your favourite garment class this Saturday and I am going to take a 6 week pattern cutting course over the next couple of months. We are so excited! We’re going to be sharing write ups of the classes on here so keep an eye out.

We are holding another craft blogger meetup on 23rd September in London too where we are going to be focusing on tapestry. If anyone would like to come along just drop us an email and we can send out the details. Our friend Jenny is visiting for the Handmade Fair and is going to be sharing her tapestry knowledge with us all! You can check out her designs here.

Please excuse this long catch up post – I hope it gives you a peek into what we’ve been crafting and working on. We would always love to see what you’re making so please share your projects with us on twitter or instagram @newcraftsociety.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Bye bye pink door

So long pink door!

R hates this dungaree photo (she thinks she looks like a dungaree ball) but it’s our last pink door shot so had to be shared!

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