July 25, 2013

Creative Spaces

I recently put up (with help…) a couple of shelves to help store some things away. Anyone who sews knows how you can end up with so much stuff piled up all around you, which doesn’t make a very inspiring environment to work in. I decided that if I wanted to get everything up and out of the way I was going to need somewhere high up to put it all. These shelves aren’t very pretty, but they do the job and gave me a place to dump some things that have been pushed aside, or forgotten for a while – without completely hiding them away never to be seen again. I can be quite scatty with projects, starting a new one and forgetting an old one that will never get finished. My Nana often has loads of quilts on the go and my Dad is always trying new hobbies and abandoning his last one.. so maybe that’s where I get it from. This organisation spree is an attempt to stop that. I am going to spend some time finishing up old projects at the moment before I start up any news ones.


Sorry for this rubbish photograph.. the light wasn’t the best in there.

How do you keep your sewing/crafting area clean? It’s so easy for it to just end up in a big mess a few days later. I found these inspiring/dream spaces on Pinterest… lucky, eh? You can see them all in our Creative Spaces board.




Share some of your spaces with us! Just tag us on Instagram or twitter with your pic…  @newcraftsociety.


ps. Click on any of the photos to be taken to their original pin in Pinterest where you can visit the site they came from.

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