December 15, 2015

DIY Christmas Wreath

I’m going away on holiday this year for Christmas so decided not to decorate at all at home. It didn’t really seem worth it and Christmas seems to get more and more expensive so I figured this would also save me some pennies. Instead I decided to make a wreath for the front door. It’s such an easy DIY and every Christmas I normally make a centre piece for my Mum, so thought I could take it on without too much trouble. This is genuinely the first wreath I have ever made and I do imagine they’d improve significantly with a litttttle bit of practise. But I kind of like its bushy, messy style so I’m sticking with it!

All you need is the round oasis wreath and the rest was all foraged so it’s also a pretty cheap make (I think my foam rings cost £7 for 2).

You will need:

  • – Oasis wreath – this is the green foamy stuff used for flower decorations. You can buy these pre-shaped into rings for wreaths. 
  • – Anything you can forage! For mine I used a mixture of evergreens and some snow berries and holly, this was all my little walk had to offer.
  • – Wire. If you do want to add in bits like pinecones or orange slices then you will need some wire to attach to them and then poke into the oasis.
  • wreath3

You need to:

  • First collect together all of the bits you want your wreath to contain. I’ve gone for a mix of sprigs of fir and other pine trees, along with berries, dried oranges and fircones. You can use anything in your wreath and I mean literally anything.
  • wreath
  • Trim down any sprigs you have to a manageable length and strip the leaves or needles off the last few inches so that it’s ready to stick into your oasis.
  • I like to lie out my greens around the wreath so I can plan my main shape before I start sticking things in. You can reposition things but if you stick and stick things into the oasis too much it will start to break up and you could be left with a crumbly hole, so a little planning helps!
  • wreath
  • wreath
  • wreath
  • Once you’ve got your design planned, start layering up your greens from the bottom outer edge and working your way in. Try to make sure you cover up all of the oasis, don’t leave any bare patches.
  • wreath
  • You can just leave it all green, but I like to add in some other items to break it up and add some texture. Once you’ve got your items ready just secure them with a little bit of wire and use this to poke them into the wreath.
  • wreath
  • Hang your wreath and enjoy!

This is such a quick, easy and cheap Christmas DIY that anyone can do. I was basically randomly stuffing bits in and I think it looks alright, so do give it a go!

Have a brill Christmas everyone, we’re going to be sharing some more projects with you over the break as we’ve both got quite a backlog of makes, including some Christmas pressies and a whole load of dresses perfect for party season! I’m away on holiday this Christmas so making hot weather clothes seems quite strange to me right now. My aim for this week is to get a bikini sewn up, inspired by Ingrid’s. I’ll be sharing the results (off body…) on instagram so have a look here @newcrafthouse.


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