May 14, 2014

DIY Drink Cart Upcycle

We found this (extremely) grimy drink cart abandoned at the end of our road earlier this year and couldn’t leave it lying there. One man’s junk is another’s treasure, right? We dragged it down the street and shoved it in the corner of the dining room.. where it stayed dirty and unloved for a couple of months. Oops. Sometimes I get ideas for projects and then they get a little bit abandoned when something else comes along and I need constant reminders to go back and finish up these lost DIYs. Is that only me? R is always swapping between projects and crafts too, I think it might be the curse of the crafter…. TOO MANY CRAFTS.

DIY Drink Cart

Sorry for this horrible photo. I just wanted to show you what a state it was in when we found it. I have to confess that the brown sticky stuff is actually from a rum spillage after we found it…. ooops.

I finally sorted out this cart one afternoon. We had been waiting for the perfect project to try out our Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and this was it! Being in a rented house we don’t have loads of our own furniture and I’m not so sure how our landlord would feel if we started painting all his things in pastel pinks…

DIY Drink Cart

The wonder of this chalk paint is that it really can be painted onto anything, with minimum preparation. I scrubbed the cart clean and relocated a few spiders. Then, after taping off the marble top to protect it, started painting!

DIY Drinks Cart

I love how this turned out! The paint was so easy to use and I did this whole cart with two coats with a tester size pot, so it was also incredibly cheap. Now I’m on the hunt for more things to paint.


Do you recognise these little succulents from this post? They travelled all the way from Germany, got abandoned for months and still didn’t die. Think succulents are the plant for me!

DIY Drinks Cart


Helen Le Caplain

Ooh you managed to transform it from grubby thing of rubbish to pretty in pink boozy cart.

Great to see it transformed and being put to great use (and such a cheap craft too!)

vicky myers

I’m on the look out for the right bit of furniture to try out the chalk paint – delighted to here you can get tester pots:) Looks great:) Here’s hoping I drive past a skip today!


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