December 16, 2015

DIY Star Bunting

This week we created a sparkly project for the Tatty Devine blog and thought we’d share it on here too! It’s the most simple of all projects and is perfect for quickly making a room look a little bit more Christmassy. Make the bunting as colourful or as glittery as you like – if you make metres and metres of it you can decorate your whole house in a few hours.


You will need:

  • – Shape template (we went for stars but you could try Christmas trees or snowflakes!)
  • – Scissors
  • – Glittery card
  • – Sewing machine 

You need to:

  • 1. Draft your shape template and cut out a whole load of them! You want to place them along the thread at 5 cm intervals so use this as a guide for how many you will need. We went by the rule ‘the more the merrier’!
tatty devine sparkly bunting
  • 2. To speed up the cutting, fold your paper up so you can cut 4 stars at once. We used a tiny bit of blu-tac to hold our template in place while we cut around it.
tatty devine star bunting IMG_0167 IMG_0172
  • tatty devine star bunting
  • 3. Places right side up and stitch across the centre of each star with your sewing machine. Pull the thread out a few centimetres between each star to allow them to hang nicely and get some extra drape. Continue until all of your stars are sewn up!
  • tatty devine star bunting IMG_0208
  • tatty devine star bunting
  • 4. Hang up your glittery bunting and enjoy!
  • tattystars5

tattystars3 Hannah + Rosie

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