June 30, 2013

Doily Jars

I’ve been collecting old jars to decorate and use for flowers, straws and anything else I can think of at my wedding party. You might have seen my post on Yarn Jars and I was envisaging doing something similar to these but I also wanted to try out a few other ideas. I started experimenting with a couple of the jars yesterday and ended up sticking doilies around them – I think they look really pretty!

ImageI bought a set of 30 doilies for just £1, these come in three different sizes and colours which is perfect for the different sized jars. I cut the doilies in half and used an extra strong glue stick (these are amazing, perfect for lots of different crafts) to stick them straight onto the glass, overlapping each half to wrap around the whole jar.


ImageThe little holes in the doilies look so pretty with light shining through them, they’d be lovely as little tea light holders too! I’ve put some flowers in mine for now but I’m not sure yet what to use them for at the party.I know they’ll look really pretty on the tables with whatever though, they add a bit of colour and look perfectly homemade!

ImageYou could also put sweets or something else food-y in them, you could then use the doily as a makeshift label by writing on it.

What would you use them for? I’d love to hear your ideas!




I would pop tea lights in them but then add string or wire around the neck and string them up as tea light bunting. I wonder how long a tea light burns?


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