April 7, 2016

Easy First Cable Jumper

I started knitting this jumper at Christmas. I’d just finished my pink monstrosity and wanted to knit something on sensible-sized needles that I’d actually want to wear out of the house. Three months later and it’s finished and I’m so in love with it – I don’t think I’ll ever take it off!

rowa frost easy cable jumper

rowan frost orange cable jumper

The yarn is Rowan Frost in Dale that I picked up from Black Sheep Wools at the Autumn Knitting & Stitching show. It was so cheap, I got 20 balls for just £30. It ended up using 13 so I think around £20 for the whole jumper. It’s been discontinued now but you can probably still find some somewhere. It’s a viscose and alpaca blend with lots of different shimmery metallic tones running through it. Not everyone’s bag but I love it.

rowan frost orange cable jumper

I found the pattern for free on Ravelry. It’s a super basic jumper pattern that I altered to add a cable in the front, a 10stitch cable that is turned every 12 rows. I tried to research jumpers with only one cable up the front but couldn’t find any. Perhaps I’ve committed some sort of cable crime! I figured two cables would stretch over my boobs and make them look bigger than they already are whereas one cable stays straight and therefore maybe minimises them? That was my theory anyway. I also didn’t increase as many stitches as the pattern says to do after the initial rib as I wanted it to lie straighter. I’ll put some more detailed notes on Ravelry so if you have an account come and be our friend!

rowan frost orange cable jumper

rowan frost orange cable jumper

I went to Belgium last week for a little holiday and stitched up all my pieces on the coach over there. It was finished just before I hopped off and I was so excited to wear it. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a whole jumper and being able to wear it. Hannah might understand one day. HAHA.

rowan frost orange cable jumper

Celebratory wiggle.

I’m so so happy with it and proud of all the knitting hours I put in. I’ve got a new project on the needles now and I’m using cotton for the first time. Have a spy on our instagram to see it. What are you all knitting at the moment?


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