May 18, 2013

Electric Bee Tapestry Purse

I started this a couple of weeks back for a friend’s birthday present, which she will be getting next week when I see her. It started off as a little experiment, because I had not used this bee design before. I had picked up this coin purse frame in a little haberdashery near my home for a couple of pounds and wanted to use it with a little project, so decided to tie it in with some tapestry. It is by no means perfect, but I am really pleased with it – it was my first attempt after all!


The edges stick out, and they did look better when I bent them in with pliers. BUT this meant I couldn’t even open the purse – silly me, right? So I had to bend them back and accept the sticky out sides. I am thinking about adding a little strap to make these edges look a little bit less out of place but I’m not sure yet. Ideally I should have made the whole purse a little wider to accommodate for the edges. Next time will be better!


I had not used one of these frames before this project. I know you can get the sew on ones or the glue and shove ones. I went for the latter. It isn’t the most delicate thing to do. I just filled the metal edge with super glue and shoved my pouch in, adding more and more glue ’til it stayed…. looks alright in the end I hope?!


I have started a larger version of these Electric Bees for a clutch bag. I am hoping to use it for the Company Blog Awards event if I get it finished in time. R is making a neon tapestry clutch too, you can see the start of it on our twitter! @newcraftsociety .

Have a great weekend. If you are working on any tapestry projects at the moment we would LOVE to see them… tweet us or share it on here!



Sophie Langridge

Gorgeous! Did you use a pattern for this or make your own? I recently bought Cath Kidston’s book, Stitch, so I’m super excited to get started on some tapestry. Despite Googling “modern tapestry” I didn’t come across anything. At all. So I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m lucky enough to live in Winchester so C&H and Creative Crafts are on my doorstep.


I have that Stitch book too I actually did one of my first tapestries out of it! The Spray Rose design that they make into a clutch bag I made a cushion out of, I’ll take a photo of it when I can, it worked really well. Do show us what you make and let us know if you need any help! R.


Hi Sophie, I used this app called ‘AStitch’ that will turn any image into a needlepoint pattern – so useful! Only bad thing is that it isn’t available with Apple, but I’m sure there’s something similar out there.

We have found that too! All tapestry out there is really dated and not at all what we were after… So we started our own. We would love to see anything that you’ve made.

In the Craft shop opposite Cafe Monde (can’t remember the name) there is everything you need to start a tapestry, that’s where R took me to get my first set of stuff. Good luck!


Looks beautiful… I am working on a little pouch for my iphone right now, but one which will fold onto itself and fasten with velcro. I am curious about how you attached the clasp… do I understand correctly that you used fabric glue? I’ve never seen one of those … it looks so great!


I was thinking about making a little tapestry iPhone pouch, send us a pic when you’ve finished we would love to see it. Attaching the clasp is just glue it and shove the fabric in.. I’m not sure if there’s a more delicate way to go about it, but it has worked for me! You can get sew on ones, but I have heard they are more difficult and not as strong so avoided that. Let me know how you get on! Hannah


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