May 13, 2013

Etsy Handmade Market – BERLIN

Yesterday I dropped by the Etsy Handmade Market in Berlin. It was such a lovely weekend up in Berlin, the weather was amazing and everyone was out having fun. I have never been to an Etsy Market before, but I am really glad I finally stopped by. Seeing how other people display and sell their work is always interesting and this market showcased a great variety of handmade products in a really nice setting. I think it’s quite exciting having the Etsy European headquarters in Berlin and I’m definitely planning on attending more of their events.



The Market was in a really nice Markthalle in Kreuzberg… and I only have one complaint- no dogs (which is unusual for Berlin) so my poor old pup had to wait outside! There were some really great food options in there too – including this lovely little vegan cafe.


And a pretty apple crumble cart, which was delicious.


The selection of handmade and craft items that was on offer was great. A personal favourite of mine was this tiny Stempel (stamp) store called ‘Sommerabend’. They had a hugeee selection of rubber stamps, in all different sizes. Check our their Etsy store here!



Have you been to any Etsy events?

We have been talking a lot lately about branding and how we want our blog to look/what we want it to represent. These little stamps reminded me of how important the little touches are when presenting yourself as a brand.

R and I are looking forward to the future of The New Craft Society and we are starting to make some plans for where we want to take it. It’s exciting how quickly everything is developing and we are really looking forward to starting new things on here, and in our little shop. We also have the Company Style Blogger Awards to look forward to at the end of this month – we are VERY excited to attend and will be contributing something to each of the goodie bags they will be giving out at the event, too!


ps. I have found out that this event is sponsored by Etsy, but they are not the organisers. The event is run by Handmade Supermarket – sorry for my mistake!

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