April 21, 2013

Fabric Badges

I’ve been developing a bit of a hoard of Liberty print Tana Lawn fabric. I honestly can’t stop myself from buying bits I find on eBay, convincing myself that every piece is a bargain and that I need to have it. As a result my collection is getting pretty large, don’t all the prints look pretty together though?!


I’ve been thinking up some small-scale projects to use this fabric up with, I have a few ideas which I will be making and sharing with you in the next few weeks!  Today I tried out the first of these ideas – fabric badges.


These badges are really easy to make, you can buy everything you need in a craft shop or on the internet and it’s all cheap. The badge ‘maker’ isn’t necessary but it does make the process less fiddly.


The badges I used (they’re actually buttons) turned out to be a bit annoying as they have a sticky-out bit on the back which makes it difficult to glue the pin on. In the end I used some pliers to snip that bit off and I am going to look for some with a flat back to use in future. Apart from that they were very easy to make and I think they’re really cute!

ImageI love how they instantly accessorise an outfit and add a bit of colour to a plain jacket.


They make great little presents for friends too, I made this grey one for H…


Perhaps you could make one to give to a friend too?!



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