March 16, 2013

Fabric Decisions

I recently went travelling to India. One day me and my friend G wandered into a block printing factory. I’ve seen similar prints for sale at home, and in India they cost about a tenth of the price. So I went a little crazy and had a parcel of about 20 metres wrapped, stitched up and sent home. They were there waiting for me when I returned 2 months later, a really nice travel treat. I have been thinking about what to do with them for a while now and think I am gonna finally start something this week. I want to make something for G too, cause she was travelling around with me. I am just trying to make a final choice between cushions or a patchwork quilt. I’ve got a LOT, so might have enough for a a few different things. I will post up progress as I continue with this project, but for now I wanted to share some of them with you!






I love fabrics from India.. you get so many designs and they cost so less! This time when I travel to India I plan to pick up a whole lot of them!


Stunning fabrics, lucky you. Did you manage to pick up a wooden printing block, as well? I desperately want one – I think a used one would make a great piece of art to hang on the wall.


Yes I did! They’re all second hand, cost about 20-50p each for different designs. If you ever go to India you will be able to hunt them out I’m sure. I’ll do a little post to show you mine if you’d like?


Gorgeous fabrics! I always try and bring a small amount of fabric back from wherever I travel as a reminder of a lovely holiday. You really went for it – good one!


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