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How did you both meet?

This is the question we get asked the most! We’ve been friends since we were about 14 when we both lived in the same town called Detmold in North West Germany and went to school together. Both of our parents were teachers in British army schools so no, we’re not German, but we did live there for most of our childhoods. We spent most of those first few years watching the O.C., scootering between each others’ houses and taking advantage of Germany’s low drinking age. We’ve been friends ever since!

What sewing machines do you use?

We both use Janome machines. Rosie has a Sewist 525S and Hannah a 7025 We both also use a Janome 9200D overlocker.

Where did you learn your craft skills from?

Rosie: I picked up most of my craft skills from my Mum. She knits, does tapestry and makes a lot of soft furnishings. I also took Textiles GCSE along with only about five other people in my school year – it’s such a great subject I have no idea why it was so unpopular! I was scared of the sewing machine in lessons though and therefore didn’t learn a huge amount, most of my sewing skills have been self-taught in the past few years. My grandmother was also very creative and amazing at knitting, crochet and embroidery. Her makes are still a big inspiration to me now!

Hannah: I have always enjoyed making things but didn’t start sewing until about 7 years ago when the last one my student loan went on my first sewing machine. I learned lots of quilting techniques from my Nana, she was such an amazing sewer I always wish I had learnt more from her before she died. She helped me complete my first quilt and my first dress, I feel very lucky to have learn these skills and tips from her! Rosie taught me to knit on the school bus and then later over a skype call (I was in Germany at the time) – wow that was hard work, I couldn’t figure out what the difference between right and wrong side was for about an hour.

Have you taught each other any crafts?

Yes! Rosie taught Hannah how to do tapestry just after we started the blog. Her initial project is still in progress, but she did complete an Electric Bee purse which is brill. Rosie also taught Hannah some basic knitting skills way back when we were at school, we used to knit on the school bus together. Hannah taught Rosie all of the quilting basics when we both completed a Liberty strip quilt each.

Can I use a photo from your blog on my website?

Yes, you can use our photos online but please credit us for the photo and link back to its original page. We work hard to create the content we do and want to be recognised for it! If you want to use any images in print please do drop us an email first at hello@thenewcrafthouse.com.

What are your favourite crafts?

Rosie: I love to knit. The colours and textures of yarn and the possibilities of what you can make with it gets me so excited! My knitting skills aren’t that great though so I’m constantly frustrated with my speed and all of the projects I want to make but know I won’t be able to. I also love tapestry as it’s super easy and relaxing to do. Have a look here for our guides to starting tapestry, it’s so easy.

Hannah: My favourite has got to be dressmaking. I generally become obsessed with one craft and do it for hours and hours before sort of burning out and moving on to the next craft, but this hasn’t happened with sewing yet! Rosie and I recently realised that there are so many gaps in our wardrobes that we need to fill with homemade items, so the planning and prepping for that long process has been really enjoyable.

How did your blog start?

After graduating from University we were both back living at our family homes and felt a little lost. We were looking for jobs and having little luck so had lots of free time. We both started craft projects to fill that time and thought it would be nice to have an online platform to share those projects! We started with a free template and a free platform and had absolutely no knowledge of blogging, anyone really can do it.

Do you have any tips for someone starting a blog?

We were lucky as there were two of us when starting out, sometimes it’s hard to keep thinking up original and creative content and having someone to talk through ideas with really helped. Plus, it’s way funner doing something with your best mate, right? We’d really recommend that you’re starting the blog about what you truly do love as it can start to take over a bit. You don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking and writing about something you don’t enjoy. Also, get active in the online community! We’ve met so many great people online who love the same things as us and made some wonderful friends.

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