April 11, 2013

Fashionable Tapestry

This will be my first post in a while and I’m sorry for my absence. I took a trip around England to visit some friends and then a little stop over in Paris on the way home – a really fun week and LOVELY to catch up with so many people.

I stopped off in Winchester to see R and she set me up with all the stuff I needed to start a tapestry from her favourite little store. I picked the same elephant design that her Mum did years ago and began on the world’s slowest ever craft… honestly, this took me 4 hours….

photo (3)

I love the appearance and texture of tapestry. It is hardwearing and much more robust than embroidery and, as R’s Mum’s cushions prove, will last for years. This is inspiring me to keep on going with it, cause I’ll create something that will last forever.

I looked in so many local craft shops in Germany and all of them told me that tapestry was so outdated that they don’t stock any of the equipment anymore. Although this reputation might be true in the arts and crafts world, tapestry has recently featured in Dolce and Gabbana’s latest collection, and it looks anything but old fashioned.



Fendi went a step further and brought out a needlepoint kit, to create your own Fendi Baguette bag. What a lovely project, if you have 800 euros to spare…

Fendi baguette needlepoint kit

We are in the process of Β designing some small tapestry kits for purses, cushions and other small projects. We want to make something affordable and modern – keep an eye on our Etsy shop!


I took my images from here, here and here.

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