March 5, 2013

Glazing Over

Today I took some little samples of different glazes out of the kiln. These are different to the glazes I used for the stencils – they were underglazes that can be applied directly to leather hard clay (clay that has dried out for a few hours). To use these glazes the clay must first be fired to around 1000 degrees celsius, then the glaze is applied, before being fired again to 1020 degrees…. pottery takes some patience waiting for the kiln to cool down – something that I am working on. I am always so anxious to see what the results are!

2 of the glazes below are speckled, they contain small fragments of other colours which melt in the kiln and create the little speckles. It’s an effect that I really love, so expect to see more of it. The third is called ‘Turkish crackle’ and has a cracked effect on it. I don’t think I put quite enough of this on.. one more layer needed I think!





So, which one is the best? I am definitely more drawn to the yellow.. my favourite colour, so perhaps a bit expected! Imagine a little yellow mug….!

I made a couple of little pinch bowls too. They’re very wonky, wobbly and generally not very attractive, but I stuck with them and glazed them too. Who said snack bowls had to be round?


IMG_6672 IMG_6674

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