June 19, 2013

Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper

I always want to give people something handmade when it’s birthday/Christmas time, but I know this is not always a realistic aim. A couple of years ago I tried to give everyone at least one handmade present for Christmas and it all ended up being a bit of a rush and not that enjoyable.. sometimes I think it is best not to commit to such a big task. Who has enough time to make ALL of their presents?

Even for bought presents I think it is nice to add a handmade element and so I have started making my own hand printed wrapping paper. This is such a nice way to add a handmade touch when you don’t have time/inspiration/energy to make something from scratch. It is SO easy and a real quickie project that I wanted to share with you.


The process is obvious so I will do a one sentence tutorial: make/buy stamp, add ink/paint, press on, dry.


You may recognise these 2 stamps from this post I did a while back on fabric block prints. I bought these wooden stamps in India for about 5 pence each, but there are very easy ways to make your own. I find the easiest way to make your own stamps is to design and cut a lino stamp. I will definitely do a post on lino cuts soon!


Don’t forget to tag anything you make on instagram withΒ #newcraftsociety so we can have a look!



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