December 9, 2015

House of Hackney Christmas Stocking Tutorial

We’ve teamed up with House of Hackney to sew up maybe the easiest, quickest Christmas project. This should take you no more than two hours to complete, from cutting to stuffing with gifts, and what better fabric than this super luxurious House of Hackney x William Morris velvet?!! Β It is no secret that we LOVE House of Hackney and William Morris, this fabric is Rosie’s dream! We’ve picked Peacock and Dragon in scarlet red for ours, but basically we want one in every print. Read on to find out how to make your own!


You will need:

  • – A stocking template (or you can draw around your favourite stocking!). Download yours here Β Stocking template
  • –Β 50 cm of your outer fabric (we used this velvet!)
  • – 50 cm of your lining
  • – 50 cm of wadding
  • – sewing machine
  • – pins
  • – matching thread
  • – scissors

You need to:

  1. 1. Cut two pieces of your outer fabric, wadding and lining from the boot template. Don’t forget that you need a stocking template!

2. Cut one piece of both outer fabric and lining from the cuff template.


3. Cut a small strip (18cm x 6cm) from a complimentary fabric of your choice for the hanging tab.

44. Match the wadding boot pieces to both wrong sides of the boot shell, then place both shell pieces right sides together to pin all four pieces together.


5. Stitch around the boot with a seam allowance of your choice (we would advise 1cm) and leave the top unstitched.

66. Clip the seams along the curves, then turn right sides to the outside.

77. Place the lining boot pieces right sides together and stitch around with seam allowance, leaving the top unstitched. Clip the seams along the curves, then turn right sides to the outside.

88. Place the cuff lining and cuff shell with right sides together and stitch together along one side. Open and press the seam.

99. Fold the cuff piece in half, right sides together, then stitch along the short edge together.

1010. Turn right sides to the outside and fold down the cuff along the long seamed edge. Press.

1111. To make your hanging tab, fold your piece of fabric in half lengthways, press, open out, then fold each edge in half again into the centre crease. Press. Stitch along the long edge. Fold the tab in half and press.

1212. Place your boot lining inside your boot with raw edges matching at the top, pin together. Place your cuff inside the boot again with raw edges matching at the top and pin. The right side of your cuff should lie against the lining of the boot.

1313. Sandwich your fabric tab in-between the cuff and the boot at the back seam, again with raw edges matching at the top.

1414. Make sure all layers are pinned together, then stitch around the top with a 1cm seam allowance.

1515. Turn the cuff onto the outside of your boot to complete your stocking. Hang, fill and enjoy!

We’d love to see any that you make, share them with us @newcrafthouse @houseofhackney.

Hannah + Rosie

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