February 26, 2015

How to Make Cushion Covers With Piping and a Zip

This tutorial is half to help anyone looking to make a cushion cover like this and half just to help myself. Every time I go to make one I completely forget how I did it the last time – argh!
The zip closure used to completely blow my mind but this technique is quite simple and works well. The piping is a bit fiddly but it adds an extra luxury touch which is probably worth the effort.

hand made house of hackney velvet cushion covers

1. Cut your fabric.
Cut out two panels of fabric to fit your cushion cover. I usually make the cover slightly smaller than the cushion insert so the finished cushion will be fatter, but bear in mind you need enough for your seam allowances still. For my 45x45cm cushion I cut my pieces 46x46cm.

piped cushion cover tutorial

2. Make the piping.
Cut a strip of your fabric on the bias, wide enough to wrap around your piping cord with a couple of cm left along the edge. Wrapping the fabric around your piping cord as you go, stitch close to the cord using a zipper foot.

cushion making how to make

3. Stitch piping onto cushion front.
With right sides together, stitch your piping on to the front cushion panel, going over the same stitch line as on your piping. At the corners snip into the seam allowance on your piping to allow it to bend around the corner tightly. When you get back to the start overlap your piping pieces with each other, snipping the cord out of one side as needed. This tutorial shows you how to do this in more detail!

piped cushion cover tutorial

piped cushion cover tutorial

4. Make your zip opening.
Lay the right sides of your cushion panels together and pin together along the bottom edge. Stitch a two inch seam along each side, going over the same stitching line as your piping.The gap in-between these two lines of stitching is for your zip.

how to make cushion zip opening

5. Sew in your zip.
Stitch your zip onto each side of the zip opening. Lay the teeth over the piping on the piped side and stitch as close to the piping as possible. It’s helpful to have a zip which is slightly too long so the ends can be poked out of sight under the zip opening.

how to sew zip into cushion cover

sew zip on to cushion cover

6. Sew the zip flap.
You don’t need to make a zip flap but it does help to conceal the zip, especially when it’s stuffed. On the right side of the fabric,Β stitch a straight line onto the non-piped panel of your cushion, close to the zip teeth.

make a concealed zip cover

7. Sew up the cover.
With right sides together (and remember to keep the zip open), stitch around the remaining three sides of your cushion. Make sure you follow the same line of stitching as on the front cushion panel so no stitching from your piping will be visible when turned the right way around.

house of hackney home made cushions

8. Finish up!
Finish the edges with a zig-zag stitch or pinking shears. Turn the right way around and stuff with your cushion pad.

hand made house of hackney velvet cushion covers

hand made house of hackney velvet cushion covers

hand made house of hackney velvet cushion covers

I’ve made these cushions using some amazing House of Hackney velvet. I’m planning on turning my whole living room into a House of Hackney ‘Midnight Garden’ den so watch this space.

If anyone has any other tips for making cushions like these I’d love to hear them, I’m still perfecting the technique!





Hello Hannah, I was really happy to read your comment on my blog the other day. You ladies have a lovely site and I will definitely come back. I especially love the sewing projects with all the vintage roses. Keep up the good work and lots of love from Germany,

Netta Hall

I just love the velour cushions and hope I can make some with that type of fabric as opposed to cotton or polyester. The flowers remind me of an old Italian friends painting in her lounge with flowers and fruit. I need a cushion for work and this type would suit me down to the ground for comfort!



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