August 4, 2016

How to Make Bias Binding

This is the quickest and easiest way we have found to make bias binding. You don’t need any fancy tools or bias binding makers (they’re helpful, but this method using a pin works just as well) and you can make metres of bias binding in no more than 15 minutes.

First up, what is bias binding and why might you need it?

When I first started out sewing I remember reading a pattern where the neckline was finished with bias binding and thinking ‘huh what is this and what does it do?!’. Bias binding is a long strip of fabric that is cut on a 45 degree angle to the selvedge of the fabric – that is 45 degrees to the straight grain of the fabric. If you pull your fabric on the bias, you will notice that is it much more stretchy and that is what makes it so useful. You need bias binding to stretch around necklines and finish curves. If you used binding not cut on the bias, it would pucker and pull and not lie smoothly around curves. You can make your bias binding many different widths to suit your preferences.

So, let’s get started!

You will need:

– a transarent ruler
– chalk/ a washable fabric pen
– your fabric
– one dressmaking pin

bias binding

You need to:

– First up you need to cut your strips on the bias. To find this, take an exact square of fabric and fold diagonally. Cut along this diagonal fold – this is on the bias. You now need to cut strips of fabric from this edge until you have enough length of bias tape.
bias binding

– To cut the tape, use your transparent ruler to measure the width you need. The finished width of your binding will be 1/4 of the width you start with, so bear this in mind when you are cutting your bias tape.

bias binding

– To attach your pieces together place the two ends together at this angle and stitch in place. Trim and press the seam open.

bias binding bias binding

– Once you have all of your tape sewn together, cut one end of the tape into a point. Place a pin on an ironing board and make sure that the middle gap of the pin is the desired half the width of the bias tape. Push the pointed end of the tape under the pin, folding the two sides into the centre as you go.

bias binding

– As you pull the tape through the pin, iron the bias tape to press the folds in place.

– The perfect way to store your bias tape is on an old thread spool. Wrap it around and secure with a pin and put it somewhere safe until you’re ready to use it.

bias binding

So there you have it, the easiest, quickest way to make bias binding.

Happy sewing!


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