March 28, 2013

Knitted Headband

These headbands are a great way to use up small bits of leftover yarn and they’re SO simple – even if you’re a complete beginner you’ll be able to make one. I made up the pattern but was inspired by some other lovely ones on the internet like this one on A Stash Addict (the yarn she makes is also amazing!).

This is how mine turned out! Modelled by my sister…


I didn’t count how many stitches I cast on but just rough estimated as I did it, I’m quite lucky that it ended up fitting my head! The whole band is garter-stitched (every row is knitted) but other stitches would probably look just as, if not more, effective. When I was happy with the width of the band I cast off and sewed the two ends together to make a circle. I then knitted up a small piece to make the knot effect. I sewed this smaller piece together over the seam of the headband, making sure it pulled the band in tight.


You could make loads of variations on this band, perhaps using chunkier wool for a more wintery head warmer or adding beads for decoration. I think I may attempt a slightly wider band and try using moss stitch for my next one. Have you got any other ideas? I’d love to see anything similar you make!




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