March 30, 2014

Liberty Knickers

Happy Mother’s Day all! Did you make your Mum anything crafty? You may have seen a little parcel on Instagram that I sent my Mum, here’s what was inside…

Liberty Knickers Handmade

Liberty pants! The perfect present for a Liberty print loving Mum.

We’ve been talking about making our own pants for a while now. We see Liberty print ones quite often but they’re usually so expensive that we can’t even dream of buying them (Β£20 for a pair of knickers?!). Making our own was so satisfying and actually quite easy!

Liberty Print Handmade Knickers

For the pattern we traced around a pair of our pants onto grease proof paper with a 1.5 cm seam allowance – surprisingly simple. We then cut out a front and back piece in our Liberty prints and after ironing over the seam allowance, stitched them together at the side and bottom seams. For the elastic we made a general measurement by pulling it around our waists and legs but in general we’ve heard that the elastic should be one third shorter than the length of fabric it’s going around. We also cut a jersey pant liner and pinned that into the crotch. Pinning the elastic on to the fabric was the fiddliest bit and it definitely helped to have two pairs of hands – one to pull the elastic taut and the other to pin.

Liberty Handmade Knickers

We zig-zag stitched the elastic on and after sewing them up added a little Liberty print bow in a contrasting print to the front.

Liberty Print Handmade Knickers Pants 2

R’s Mum thinks her Mitsi pair are perfect and we agree! We’ve sworn to never buy a pair of pants again and are already dreaming up all the variations we could make – frilly Liberty knickers anyone?

We’ve even been thinking about planning some pant-making workshops. Would any of you be interested? Tea and cakes would obviously be included! We’re hoping to run a trial one soon so if you’d like to sign up to be a guinea pig leave a comment and we’ll get in touch.

We’d love to have you there!





I am always so impressed by your makes! I’d love so much to be able to make a pair of knickers for myself. I did find a knitting pattern for a pair of pants the other day though… Maybe I’d do that first?


Wow, yes try them and show us how they turn out! They sound cosy x


Thanks Leanne! You’re on the knicker-making list, we’re excited! x


Me and Camilla want to come to the test run please! These look gorgeous! xxx


I love these! I would totally love to learn how to do it, these pants look fab!


After coming to your notebook workshop I’m definitely interested in this. Please can I be signed up.

Anna lees

I’d love to trial the knickers – how much fabric did you use?


I LOVE these!!! I definitely need to make myself a few pairs and would love to be included in any guinea pig workshops if you’re still looking for participants!


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