July 28, 2013

Little Liberty Flags

I have been making my way through my pile of Liberty fabric which is leaving me with tons of scraps. These little scraps are hard to throw away, I know they’re so tiny there isn’t much you can do with them… but they are still a little piece of Liberty print and so I have been thinking of a way to use them up.

As I’m sure you have read on here, R’s wedding is coming up and she has started collecting things for the party already. She’s making a lot of the decorations herself – if you haven’t already seen them definitely check out these paper flower decorations. (She has even put up a tutorial for you, in case you want to make your own). I’ve seen loads of different cake toppers, mostly for weddings or big parties. There are lots of different types out there, but you can basically make them from any old scrap and some cocktail sticks… keep on reading for my little how to and to see how mine turned out!



Spread glue  on half of each piece of fabric. Place the tip of a stick on the fabric and fold it over, covering over the stick. Press this down tightly and leave it to dry somewhere. When it is dry, trim  it into whatever shape you want. I went for these spiky flags – good for a celebration, yep?


Do you have any other way you use up your scraps? I think these flags look great stuck in some cupcakes. I am going to wrap these up and post them over to R, a contribution to her wedding party decorations.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend!





I know! I’m glad I found a way to use them all up. I have seen quilts made of tiny scraps, but that’s way too fiddly for me. It would take me years…


haha so funny but so true! I crawl around on the floor picking up Liberty scraps. I keep telling mum to be careful not to bin them, “they’re like gold”!

Such a cute idea for them x


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