May 29, 2016

Making a Patternless Gathered Skirt

Last month Hannah and I went to Goldhawk Road for the first time. Absolutely no idea how we hadn’t managed to go earlier, it’s incredible. So many shops with all the fabric you could want. We’re talking cottons, silks, mesh, knits and lots of designer stuff – loooooads of Liberty and we even spotted some Chanel and Valentino silk! Fair to say we spent quite a bit of money on our first trip and this white broderie anglaise was in my hoard. It was Β£12 a metre from one of the shops in the middle of the road, can’t remember it’s name oops.


I had to make use of the pre-finished edge which runs along both selvedges of this fabric. It was around 140 wide so I figured if I just cut the fabric in half I could use one piece for the front and one for the back, using the finished edges for the bottom of the skirt. In order to make the waistband I first cut out the centre 6 inch strip of the fabric.


I folded and pressed the waistband in half and interfaced and lined it. The fabric has holes in so you definitely have to line it. At this point I measured my waist and cut the waistband to size, adding on a 3cm seam allowance for the zip. I was freaking out that I’d cut it too small but it fit perfectly in the end.



For the main fabric pieces and the two lining pieces (same size just a little shorter so it wouldn’t poke out the bottom of the skirt) I stitched them together along the side seams. To gather I then stitched two wide lines of running stitch across the top, not more than 1.5cm in from the edge, then pulled on the ends of the thread to gather. If you’ve never done this before you need to be careful not to break your thread whilst pulling – aargh! You just keep pulling and spreading out the gathers until it matches the length of your waistband, one shell piece and one lining piece.


Sandwiching the waistband in between the lining and shell (right sides together) and with raw edges matching I stitched the waistband to the skirt pieces. Then I just stitched in an invisible zipper to the open side, and sewed up the remainder of the side seam.


Pretty simple! I made good use of the gathered skirt tutorial by By Hand London to make sure I wasn’t going completely off-piste but it’s so easy you can’t really go wrong. I love how the finished skirt turned out. This shape is really flattering on me (big hips, anyone?) and I’m definitely going to make more. Me and Hannah did a bit of the wardrobe architect recently and I vowed to make more feminine clothes. I love big skirts and dresses, swish swish swiiiish!



What have you all been sewing recently? It’s my sister’s wedding next week so I’ve got to get on making a dress for it today. Hannah’s coming too and is also making a dress so we’ll have a blog post about both of those next week!



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