May 1, 2016

Me Made May and Wardrobe Planning

Me Made May is here! I’m mostly in shock because I can’t believe it is May already, I swear I was in a 5 minute snow storm last week… We haven’t taken part in MMM before but we always love watching along every year and seeing everyones handmade clothes getting more wear. This is going to be a bit of a combi post – pledging for MMM and a bit about our recent wardrobe planning.


If you haven’t heard about Me Made May before do check it out. It’s a really great challenge organised by Zoe over at ‘So, Zo… What do you know?’ to encourage people to wear more of their handmade items. There are loads of benefits to the challenge and you can make any pledge you want, we’re going to make ours at the end of this post! Lots of people post their outfits on instagram each day using #MMMay16, we’re going to be sharing roundups on here of our MMM progress and then some wardrobe reflections at the end of the month.


We’ve been spending quite a lot of time planning our Spring (didn’t even happen this year)/ Summer wardrobes, using Colette’s Wardrobe Architect series and a whole lot of Pinterest. The Wardrobe Architect series was really helpful and I’d recommend anyone who wants to refocus their sewing to go through the activities. It really helped both of us look at what we’re making, how much of it we’re wearing and what gaps there were in our wardrobe. We both realised we needed to focus on making a more wearable wardrobe, not matter how much we love making silk dresses!


We’ve also been looking at our fabric stashes with a bit of shame lately. I know everyone likes to hoard away fabric, but we actually can’t fit any more in! We took a trip to Goldhawk Road last month and stocked up on 4 fabrics each and then when we were in Berlin last week we stopped by the fabric market to get even more jersey. I’ve set a rule for myself now that until I sew at least 10 things and complete them, I’m not allowed to buy any more fabric. I’m on 2/10 so far!


So, on to the planning bit. We’ve decided on these items to get us started with our Summer wardrobes and are hoping to get them all sewed up in the next couple of weeks so we can debut them as soon as the sun decides to make an appearance. Of course, MMM is going to help us spot any holes in our wardrobe, so hopefully by the end of May we’ll have another list of clothes we need to make.


I gave Rosie a mini interview about her MMM expectations:


What colour palate are you focussing on your Spring/Summer wardrobe?


I’m focussing on yellows and pinks with quite a lot of white for my colour palette. I love the Liberty furnishing fabric I picked up at Goldhawk road and would love all my colours to be based around that.


What is your MMM pledge?


I’m going to try and wear all of my me made items at least once this month. There are lots of things I neglect so they need an outing!


What are you hoping MMM will show you about your handmade wardrobe?


I think MMM will make me realise how grim a lot of my off the rack clothes are. You know when things get a little bobbly, grey and over-washed? If I manage to wear all of my me made stuff more then I’m going to go on a huge cull of everything that’s old and gross!


This is a little peek into Rosie’s stash and her plans for the fabric. First up, skirts!
 Rosie wardrobe 1
To go alongside these skirts, Rosie has 2 dresses and 3 jersey Cocos planned.
Rosie wardrobe 3
And now for my own Summer sewing plans!


What colour palate are you focussing on your Spring/Summer wardrobe?


I’m focussing on neutrals and with some added pops of colour. I’m thinking whites, creams, soft blues, greys and bits of yellow and purple. 


What is your MMM pledge?


I’m going to try and wear at least one me made item each day. 


What are you hoping MMM will show you about your handmade wardrobe?


A lot more of my wardrobe is me made now, so I’m hoping by seeing which items I wear the most I’ll work out what I need to make more of. This should help me focus my sewing more over the Summer. 


hannah 2
hannah 1
We’re done! Sorry for the epic post – this was the edited down version! We’ll keep you updated on our progress throughout May so do keep back and have a look at our instagram for daily updates. You can see our full Summer wardrobe inspiration boards on Pinterest, here’s mine and here’s Rosie’s.


Good luck for MMM!


 mmmay16final (1)

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I love the idea of combining Wardrobe Architect with Me Made May – this is a really thoughtful approach. I’ve also been completely surprised by the arrival of this month and am still floundering around trying to find weather-appropriate makes and resist the urge to stop everything else and make some more! The whole ‘no more fabric until more makes’ rule is also something I might need to take on board… x


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