May 20, 2014

‘Me Made May’: Elasticated Skirt Tutorial

We’re three weeks in to May already so it’s about time I shared a ‘Me Made May’ project. Been loving seeing everyone else’s efforts – search #MMMay14 on Twitter or Instagram for tons of inspiration!

For my MMMay project I thought I’d make the most basic of elasticated skirts. Even if you’ve never made any clothes before you can honestly make this.

Easy Elasticated Skirt Tutorial

Here’s a quick how-to…
Buy 70cm of your fabric (or more if you’d prefer it longer) and sew the two short raw edges right sides together. Pin up and hem one edge then fold the other edge over and sew it down leaving a gap of 5cm or so. Attatch a safety pin to one end of your elastic and feed it through the tube you’ve just created. When you reach the other end clip both ends together, try the skirt on and pull the elastic to the right fit. Sew the two ends of your elastic together then cut off the excess. Finally, sew up the gap in your tube.

All in all you can complete this skirt in under an hour -perfect for when you want to be outside in the sunshine which this weekend I most definitely did…

Easy Elasticated Skirt Tutorial Easy Elasticated Skirt Tutorial

How cute are the mushrooms?

Easy Elasticated Skirt Tutorial Easy Elasticated Skirt Tutorial

Easy Elasticated Skirt Tutorial Gosh my legs are white…

Hope you all had a happy, sunny weekend too. Have you made a MMMay project yet? I’d love to see!


Ps. These photos were taken at Hinton Ampner, one of my favourite Hampshire places.

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