November 4, 2013

My Crochet Journey

R and I love pretty much all crafts but for some reason neither of us have ever tried to crochet. It didn’t really stand out to me and I don’t know anyone who does it so had no one to inspire and teach me. But then I started to see so many amazing crocheted things around! From Granny square blankets that are all over our instagram feed, to adorable little amigurumi animals! The final straw that confirmed that I hadΒ to learn was the arrival of this Mollie Makes Crochet book.


I decided it was time to finally learn and I’m going to share my progress here….

So far I have managed a chain. Just one little chain and nothing else. Perhaps I started out a little too optimistic with the free kit that comes inside the Mollie Makes book for this little folk daisy?


I called to twitter for help and got loads of tips and suggestions for classes and online tutorials, which was great. Now I am ordering a set of hooks and I’m going to keep on practising, sharing my progress here and on instagram. Keep an eye out!



PS. PLEASE if you have any tips share them with me!


Knit me a cake (@knitmeacake)

It looks great! I’ve tried crochet before, but have found it really tough. It might just be me, but going from knitting to crochet is quite strange (I miss having two needles to work with!). Love the look of the daisy – keep us posted on your progress. :) Leanne at Knit me a cake x


I’m a crocheter, but absolutely despair when it comes to knitting! Whenever anyone asks me for tips on learning, I always say ‘The Encyclopaedia of Crochet Techniques’ by Jan Eaton. That and lessons from my Mum! (Not incredibly practical help, but still!)


I’m learning to crochet at the moment too! i’m making a load of granny sqaures which I’m eventually going to turn into a blanket for a christmas present. I learnt to do a granny square by watching youtube tutorials, although I owuld be pausing them every 5 seconds but I think that’s okay. Good luck, that daisy looks so cute! xx


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