March 7, 2014

My First Knitted Jumper

It’s been two weeks since I finished knitting my first jumper and I’m still in love. It’s the softest thing in the world (honestly) and every time I wear it I get a little glowing sense of pride. I only properly starting knitting just over a year ago (unless you count the time that H and I attempted to knit a scarf each on the school bus aged 15…) and I never thought I’d actually be able to knit a whole garment. Well – I did it!

Knitted Alpaca Rowan Lima Jumper

It’s knitted in Rowan Lima which is mostly alpaca and it took 11 balls of 50g… Β£6.95 x 11 = 1 expensive jumper! The pattern is from the Sarah Hatton and Martin Storey ‘Designer Knits’ book. Their pattern includes a slip-stitch design but I decided to leave this out for simplicity’s sake – it is my first jumper after all!

Knitted Alpaca Rowan Lima Jumper


I started knitting it at Christmas so it took just over two months. Technically that means I could knit 6 jumpers a year! Oh, the possibilities…

Knitted Alpaca Rowan Lima Jumper

Knitted Alpaca Rowan Lima Jumper

H and I have started spying some clothes moths in our house, I swear if one of them even thinks of chewing a hole through my jumper I will commit a full-scale moth massacre.

Knitted Alpaca Rowan Lima Jumper

The only problem with finishing a knitting project is waiting to start a new one! I’ve got 500g of a beautiful Kid yarn in a pastel blue ready to go – any ideas, anyone?




Ahh! This is an amazing first jumper :) don’t be too put off by the cost of the yarn either – it’s 100% wool, and there’s no way you’d get a pure wool jumper on the high street for that price :)
I’ve had a nightmare problem with textile moths – Lavendar helps – bags of it in your drawers, and you can buy cedar wood blocks to hang in your wardrobe as well, they’re supposed to keep them at bay!

I look forward to seeing your next jumper! πŸ˜‰


Thanks so much! You’re right, the yarn is amazing and definitely worth the money. Thanks for the lavender bag tip! I have a massive bag of dried lavender that still needs using up so I’ll have to get making some bags :)


Great job! Looks wonderfully snuggly – I love the sound of Alpaca! Beautiful colour too :)

Keep an eye out for those clothes moths though – it’s the larvae that nibble the holes in your woolies, you can kill them off by putting things in the freezer in a carrier bag for a couple of days :)


Thanks Chloe! I put a jumper that I saw one flyng out of into the freezer πŸ˜€ everyone in my house thinks I’m mad x


Such a lovely make, well done!

Definitely take Amy’s advice on the lavender. We have moth repellent hanger things in our wardrobes as Cambridge has a really bad problem with them. My friend had loads of expensive dresses and hand knit items and they all got ruined. you literally have to spray EVERY fabric item you own, it’s a nightmare.

Enjoy wearing it, the colour really suits you xx


Thanks Claire! I’ve bought a few things to hang in the wardrobe but I’m thinking about getting more extreme, the thought of them chewing through my jumper makes me want to cry! x


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