May 26, 2013

Neon Stripes Tapestry Purse

Have you seen H’s Bee purse? I LOVE it and it inspired me to make a tapestry purse of my own! I wanted it to be really bright and colourful and I stuck with a basic stripy pattern so the colours could be the main focus.


I created a small bit of tapestry (this one is 10x15cm) then simply sewed it up into a little lined purse, sandwiching a bit of wadding in-between the front and the lining. Attaching the zip was quite tricky and I had to do the last bits by hand but I don’t think you can tell!


I love how it’s turned out and I’m excited now to make more! I think the pattern is really effective so I might try and make something larger using the same design, or perhaps use a different colour range. I’m really enjoying working out smaller projects to use tapestry with, it’s still my favourite craft! If you’d like to give tapestry a go have a look at the tutorials I wrote for beginners to help get you started.


H and I are off to London tomorrow but will post when we return and update you all on what happened at the Company magazine Style Blogger Awards, remember you can follow us on twitter @newcraftsociety for more regular updates.

Hope you’re all having a crafty bank holiday weekend!


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