November 27, 2015

New Website, New Name, Everything’s A Changin’

We are SO EXCITED to share our new website, name, shop with you all this week! There’s been a lot happening behind the scenes for The New Craft House (yep, new name!) and we know we have been a little quiet over the past few months, but it has all been in preparation for these big changes we have been working on.

So first up, our new name. We didn’t want to change our name, but we had to. When we came around to registering as a limited company we found out that ‘society’ is a sensitive word and, well, you can’t use it unless you are actually a real life society (who knew?). We aren’t a registered charity, so it meant looking for a new name. We didn’t want to make a too drastic change, so simply plopped ‘house’ on the end. We actually really like this name now, it’s simple and pretty broad! What do you think?

Alongside this new launch we’ve had our whole website rebuilt by Kim at Finest Imaginary. This has been so exciting for us. We’d had the same website for 2 years pretty much, with only some simple changes made by ourselves but when we decided to open an online shop we saw this as an opportunity to get the whole thing rebuilt to be exactly how we want it. Have an explore and let us know what you think, we’re hoping you find it a super useful place for craft projects, tips and techniques on each craft page.

If you click on a specific craft on the blog page you’ll find all of our projects and some of our favourite posts at the top. Want to learn to quilt? Well head over here and you can find our tips for starting out, piecing your quilt, layering, binding… the list goes on! We wanted our new website to be a place you can come when you’re stuck on a project or want to start a new craft. Basically, WE WANT EVERYONE TO CRAFT and wanted to make it as easy as possible for them.

THE SHOP! Yes, we have been working on some new products and they will be launching next week so come have a look then. (UPDATE: they’ve now launched and you can see them on our shop!) These have been in the making for almost a year now, there really is a lot to think about when you’re starting out. We have loads more craft kits planned so please do keep checking back. Even better, sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you updated about new products, special offers and all our craft news.

Our last bit of news is our new office space. We have moved in to a new big open office space by Kings Cross. We can’t explain how nice it is to have all of our crafty supplies in one place and a place to work from. We feel so unbelievably lucky to be able to do what we love full-time and are excited to start producing new, creative content on here! We have big plans for the next year, we’ve got lots of new products in the pipeline and workshops being planned out. We’re excited to see The New Craft House grow!

Hannah + Rosie


Sometimes business gives us a headache


Thanks Jacqui! Our shop should open up later this week if all goes to plan! x


Thank you so much! It should be up and running later this week (if all goes to plan…!) Hope you’re well and it’s not too freezing in Denmark yet!


SO excited for you girls!! I think The New Craft House sounds awesome as a new name. Like some sort of super trendy fashion house full of fabric and glitter. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve. The new site looks fab. Good work from Kim as per.

Claire x


Thanks Claire! Yep she is the best isn’t she?! Hopefully see you soon :)


Congrats on a smooth transition.

Actually “House” sounds personal than the suffix “Society”.

Even I was planning to revamp my website into a branded domain, crossing my fingers, hope everything goes well.



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