March 25, 2014

Our 1st Birthday at Liberty

When we started The New Craft Society we had no idea how much we would grow in just one year. It really just started as somewhere for us to share what we were making, hopefully inspiring others along the way, and we’ve been overwhelmed by how much our little blog has achieved! We knew we wanted to celebrate our first year milestone with our blogger friends and were ridiculously excited when Liberty said they would host a blogger event with us. We are a little bit obsessed with Liberty print fabric, especially R who has a few generations of Liberty lovers behind her… she told me yesterday that her Gran used to go and pick up some Liberty print with her Mum to sew shirts for her when she was little! It really was the dream place to celebrate.

Liberty Birthday Party

Liberty set up their beautiful Heritage Suite for us just off the haberdashery department and put on an afternoon tea. We were introduced to the Liberty print team who I think everyone was a little bit jealous of – they might just have the best jobs in the world?!


Emma, Liberty’s head print designer talked us through the inspiration behind the SS14 collection which is based on the different departments in Liberty. This map shows each area of the store and the print it inspired. It was really interesting to hear about the design process and where each print originated from.

Liberty Birthday Party

Anna, Liberty Art Fabric’s archivist, showed us some huge books of archived prints. When she started working at Liberty the archive room was in total disarray and she has since reoganised the prints back into their collections. Lots were unlabelled and Anna has been left with a little pile of orphan prints whose origins are unknown – a few of which inspired some SS14 prints.


One of the newest members of the Liberty print team is Keighley. She showed us lots of the original art work behind the SS14 collection including sketches, paper cuts and etchings. She took R and I around the store following the print map and it was really lovely to hear about how she started at Liberty and how much she enjoys working there. She was also wearing this pretty amazing skirt she made from some Liberty furnishing fabric, now we are after some! Keighley worked on the SS14 collection and one of her designs we like best is Jess and Jean.

Jess and Jean Liberty Print

Jess and Jean represents the Beauty room at Liberty. It is based on an archive furnishing print from the 1980s and was originally drawn totally in make-up including eye-liner, lipstick and foundation. Can you spy it in Charlotte from By Hand London’s dress below?!


Another of our favourite prints (and apparently everyone else’s too, as it was one of the best selling designs from this collection) is Queue for the ZooΒ by illustrator OK David. It represents the children’s wear department and is covered in playful animals. David came along and told us a little bit about his design and we’re excited to see what he comes up with next! We loved his designs so much that we even bought one of his prints each, they’ve just arrived and we can’t wait to get them framed. If you’d like to buy one too (there’s only 14 of each print so they’re very special!) get in touch with David through his website.

Liberty Birthday Party

We left the event feeling inspired and have been planning our next Liberty projects already. A MASSIVE thank you to Sian at Liberty for organising it all and to the print team for inspiring us all with their presentation.

A special thank you to everyone who came along too, we couldn’t have celebrated our 1st birthday any better!

H & R.


Leanne at Knit me a cake

Aww, happy memories of a fab evening – can we go back and do it all again please? THANK YOU so much for inviting me, and THANK YOU to Sian and the Liberty team. Happy birthday New Craft Society! Leanne x


How absolutely magical!
Congratulations to you both such talent deserves recognition.


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