June 16, 2013

Paper Cut Chicken Card

Just a little quickie post here to show you the card I made for Father’s Day. I don’t really like buying Father’s/Mother’s day cards, if I am going to give one then I will make it. I guess because it is a bit of a ‘made-up’ day, I just don’t see the point in buying a ready made card. (My oldest brother would use this as his excuse for not giving one, while my other brother would definitely say he can’t afford a sandwich let alone a Father’s day card).


But this little paper cut isn’t hard to do, requires very few tools and costs about 30p – the price of one piece of card. Time wise, it isn’t too demanding either. Perhaps about 45 minutes, depending on your design of course.

It’s really very simple, just draw your design, cut it out on the wrong side (I think you get a better finish this way and you don’t have to worry about any of your drawing being visible), and then cut a window into some card and glue your paper cut into the space.



Really simple way to make a pretty little card. Oh and it’s a chicken because my Dad is obsessed with his. Β Hope you have had a lovely Sunday!


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