March 27, 2016

Pink Alpaca Scarf – My Slowest Ever Knitting Project

You might have seen this scarf popping up on instagram at various points over the last TWO YEARS. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that this has taken so long to make. The whole way through I kept thinking, ‘why am I knitting something so tiny’ and ‘by now I could have made a jumper’.


Two weeks ago I declared to Rosie that I was quitting knitting cause it just ain’t for me. But then I had a mini knitting revelation which probably doubled how quick I can knit. Rosie has been telling me for ages that I’ll be able to knit so much quicker if I put my right hand under the needle, but it felt so unnatural to me and I stuck with my slow hand on top method. This meant that with every single knit I had to let go of the needle, pick up the yarn and wrap it around. It was seriously slow. Which to be honest might explain why I have 3 hats, 2 jumpers, 2 pairs of socks, 1 teddy and 1 mitten all half finished on needles.

So, when I had my knitting breakthrough I basically couldn’t stop – Rosie and I are both convinced we have repetitive strain injuries after a week of more knitting. Mine is definitely in my head (hypochondriac), but Rosie’s finger does look a bit weird.


The result of a week of knitting is that I have finished my scarf and it’s still just about cold enough to wear it (although hopefully not for that much longer) and I have enough left for some mittens! Lots of reasons to be happy.

Because of my slow knitting I also tend to knit beyond the yarn’s lifetime. Practically everything I have on needles has now been discontinued, so you won’t be able to find this soft, fuzzy yarn in store (it might still be available in some online stores though). It’s knitted with Rowan’s Alpaca Cotton in a light dusty pink colour. I knitted the whole scarf on 5mm needles and it is over 12,000 knits which blows my mind.


The scarf is such a simple design that I won’t bother writing out a pattern for you. I cast on 60 stitches and did a 2 knit, 2 purl rib at each end for about 15 rows and then straight stocking stitch all the way down. This really simple design still feels so luxury to me, I guess that’s the incentive to using a good yarn.

It is so warm!! It got freezing in London for a week and this was a life saver. We’ve got a tutorial coming up next week on how to block so keep an eye out for that, it was curling up into a snake before. I’m really glad I made it as wide as I did.


I have vowed to get some of my knitting pile finished up, I’ll keep you updated here. Happy Easter!




Thanks Ingrid! I’m sooo close to finishing my jumper (also 2 years in the making :() then I’m going to try and be a quicker knitter!


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