January 29, 2014

Pom Pom Cushion Tutorial

Pom pom trims add such a special touch to a plain cushion. This one is easy to sew up and makes a great gift. We got these trims from The Stripes Company -they have pretty pom poms in every colour imaginable so go and check them out!

You will need:

– One 12×12” cushion pad
– One 13×13” piece of fabric
– Two 8×13” pieces of fabric
– Matching thread
– 4 foot of pom pom trim
– Sewing machine (to speed it all up!)

 You need to:

– When you’ve got your pieces of fabric cut you first need to hem one 13” side of the two 8×13” pieces. These will form your envelope back and hemming will help create a neat edge.


– Now you need to secure your pom poms. Cut them into 12” lengths and position along each side of the 13×13” piece. Secure in place on the right side of the fabric with your sewing machine, sewing one straight line down the centre as you can see below. Make sure that the pom poms face inwards (this will look a little strange, but when you sew up the cushion this will leave them hanging along the edge!)



– Once you have secured the pom poms to all four sides you need to assemble the cushion. Place the two 8×13” pieces that will make up the back on top of the front piece, right sides together. The two hemmed edges should overlap at the middle of the back – that’s perfect as these will make the envelope back of the cushion.

– Once you have layered the cushion pieces it’s time to sew it up! This is quite hard as you’ve got to keep the pom poms out of the way as you sew. If you have a zipper foot for your machine it will make this a lot easier!

– Secure the edges with lots of pins and slowly sew up each of the sides pushing the pom poms into the centre of the cushion as you go. Your seam allowance will depend on the thickness of the pom pom trim band, ours was ½”.

– Once you have sewn around all four sides turn the cushion the right way round and stuff it full!

You can make these cushions any size. Just add on 1.5 inch to the size of your cushion and make sure you have enough pom pom trim to go right around the edges!



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