March 2, 2013

Pottery Designs

I’ve been working on some different techniques with different glazes for a while now. I am quite new to pottery, so I’m just enjoying playing around with different glazes, thicknesses, stencils and glazes techniques. I got off to a bad start… when I opened the kiln in great anticipation of my first load, I was met with a big pile of powder. Doh! Seems that I didn’t let the clay dry completely through after the underglaze. But, I will learn from this!

I’ve been cutting out a few different hand drawn designs and just working on flat pieces at the moment.. which could hopefully be used as coasters, mats, or perhaps a cheese platter. If these designs come out well I plan to invest in a tile cutter, and start designing some pretty tiles.

Below are a selection of some of the prints I have been working on. Some of the glazes seem thinner than others, so I need to keep this in mind with more layers next time. Which prints do you like best?


IMG_6694 IMG_6691

The two above are definitely my favourite. I have called them ‘Turtle Wood’ and ‘Snail House’.. you will be seeing more of them!

And I am a lot less keen on these two below…




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