April 28, 2013

Pottery Update

This past week I’ve been working on some pottery pieces that will soon be added to our shop. But first I want to perfect them and so I have (once again) been working on some different stencilling techniques. I have posted before about my stencil designs and I wrote a little how-toΒ for you. This was my first attempt using my stencils on curved pieces so I haven’t got the best results, but they have given me a good idea of how the final pieces will look.

The photographs show a bowl and cup that have been bisque fired and I am still going to add a clear glaze which will give them a shiny finish and also make the blue glaze more vivid – I don’t know why, but a clear glaze and final firing really brightens up the colour of the underglaze. I cast these in slip moulds that I bought. Eventually my plans are to make some of my own unique moulds out of plaster and produce something that I have handmade at every step!

Later this week I am going to share with you a present I have made for a friend – I started it a few weeks ago and have FINALLY started adding the final touches. I am also going to show you my tapestry progress… R has been writing some amazing guides to tapestry for beginners and they have been a huge help for me. I even got one personal lesson from her :)

Hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend.


PS. During the week we share photos of our different projects on Instagram, find us at @han_silva and @rozbazscoz






I just wanted to leave you both a message to say I really enjoyed watching your new show on create and craft. It’s so nice to know that young people are enjoying crafting as my sister and I have done for years. I know sewing is becoming more popular than ever now and I’m sure your show will encourage young people to have a go. Looking forward to your next show. Liz. Xx


Thanks Liz! We hope to be back again next month for another show, it was great fun! Hopefully we will encourage young people to craft, we both had crafting skills passed down from our Nanas and Mums so we really want to encourage more young people to start crafting too. So important that these skills aren’t lost! Hannah x

Laura Sischo

Rosie and Hannah I really like your blogs I’m 71 years old and I’m finely and Tapestry. I guess I really want to say thank you for your info .It has given me excitmentthat I can still do this I have no teachers .I was trying to find someone who could teach me the basics tapestry I didn’t know that there really was only one stitch and I kept thinking all these other stitches I will never be able to learn but when I found your side you just answered everything I needed to know and I’m going to try the other ones to the pottery and I’d like to make plates from my kitchen to hang on the wall all sorts designs so I’ll be watching you there too on the pottery I think it’s really nice what you’re doing and I can say I hope kids pick up on this because you two are really just Artistic Angels .Thankyou Both , Mrs Laura Sischo


Hello Laura, thank you so much for your lovely comment! We’re so pleased you feel like you can give tapestry a go and pottery too. If you have any questions just let us know! Hannah and Rosie


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