April 13, 2013

Pretty in Pink Dress

After watching the Great British Sewing Bee and seeing all the dreses they made on the first episode I decided I needed to face my fears and make my first dress. I picked up a pattern in a half price sale (£4 – bargain) and bought cheap fabric so I didn’t have too much to lose by ruining it, then I got sewing. It took me three days and a LOT of unpicking but I finally finished it! Here are the results…



It’s a simple princess bodice pattern with a gathered skirt, pockets and a cut-out section at the back. I altered the pattern slightly by using bias binding instead of facing for the arm holes and neckline and I changed the position of the pockets. I made the bias binding in the same fabric as the pocket lining which I think adds a nice bit of detail. It wasn’t very tricky to make but I think I may buy one of these to make it even simpler in future. 


Some of the seams are a bit wonky and need pressing better but in general I’m quite proud of it! In total this dress cost me £15 which is an absolute bargain, I’m hoping to re-use the pattern again soon and make one with little sleeves. A whole world of dress-making possibilities has opened up!




Jess mullins

Rosie I’ve been making a dress for my sister for about 2 months now…. I may be coming to you for advice! :)


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