March 20, 2013

Printing Blocks

Last time I showed you the hand block printed fabric that I bought in India and now I would like to share the tools used to make these fabrics – some old used wooden printing blocks that I managed to find. They were unbelievably cheap and there were loads to choose from. Mine are mostly tiny little ones, but there were some big ones available and ones used for borders – which I now wish I had bought. I haven’t used them yet, but I’m thinking about trying them out on some basic cotton, perhaps to make in to a skirt… or maybe I’ll just print the material then pass it on to Rosie to sew me up something pretty. They make it look really easy in the factories, but I bet I end up with a small brown smudge that vaguely resembles a sad little camel. I will experiment this weekend and share with you next week!





One little fish.



These are my two tiny favourites!


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