March 2, 2013

Simple Jewellery

This can take a little time if you’re using tiny beads like me, but it really is a simple project that makes a really cute little gift for a friend or yourself. Invest in some of these round headed pliers.. they are useful for all sorts of things in jewellery making, so definitely worth the 5 pound investment!
I’ve made some simple jewellery a couple of years ago and decided to try again when I saw these tiny little beads in a shop last week. I’ll put some quick step by step instructions below and if you make one let me know how it goes!
First up, you’re gonna need the equipment below….
You can see…
– round headed pliers (great for wire jewellery, too)
– a larger bead for a necklace and a pot of smaller blue beads which were my inspiration for this post (these beads are TINY, so careful when you’re handling them!)
– a roll of nylon string, exactly the same as fishing line. I had never used this before, but its fairly easy to work with, if a little fiddly.
– a clasp and ring for each end of the nylon to be tied too.
The process of making the jewellery is really pretty simple. First, cut a length of nylon and tie a tight double knot around the small metal ring. Make sure this is tight, or you’re gonna have beads flying everywhere. After you have threaded on your beads, in whichever pattern you have chosen, put the nylon through the small ring on the clasp and tie it as tightly as you can – this is a little difficult and you may want to ask a friend to hold the thread of beads so you don’t accidentally drop them. After you have it tied nice and securely on both ends, I threaded the nylon cut off end back through the beads so that it disappears. This creates a much neater finish!
Below are my two finished pieces…

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