August 19, 2013

Star Quilt

Hello! We haven’t posted in a week now and are feeling rather guilty about that. We have both been busy bees, R more so as she was getting married! Now we are back and here is a project I have FINALLY finished and I am so pleased to have gifted it to new owners….


I started this quilt a long time ago, then it got put away and I moved away to live somewhere new… but this year came back home and finally finished it off to give to some family friends. It was originally their wedding gift.. now probably more of a 3 year anniversary gift… Yes, it should not have taken me so long but I am just glad it has finally been finished!

In this quilt I used a combination of machine quilting (for the borders) and hand quilting (for around the stars). It was the ideal combination for me, I don’t think I would have been up for quilting the stars with my machine yet as I am still a little bit scrappy with my sewing and some lines can end up a bit wiggly. Hand quilting is much easier to control!


It’s my first full sized quilt that I have made and I really don’t think I will try tackling something as big as it for a long time. It is so much work and was really hard to make it alongside so many other projects and working, too. I do enjoy quilting, but think I am going to concentrate on improving my overall skill with some mini-projects (like cushions or mini-blankets). And I am going to share all of these with you of course! Today my Nana gave me a couple of books that focus on different quilting techniques so they will be the perfect accompaniment to these trials!

Have you got a forever-project, that is taking years to complete?

Hope everyone has had a great start to the week!




Yep it really does, I have a big jelly roll of batiks still… but I don’t think I can start one just yet. The lady who works in my local quilting shop finishes off a new quilt at least once a week – how does she do it?!


I’ve been itching to try quilting for ages and have been collecting up fabric for a year or so now… Maybe it’s time to start on it! Yours looks fantastic! :)


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