July 16, 2013

Succulent Pots

I bought my first couple of succulents a while ago. One has died a long death, but I think it has had a baby so I’m going to cut it off and hope for the best. The other is looking alright, but not too happy and I think that’s because I have over-watered them in a bid to save them. I added to this collection and finally got round to potting them up last weekend.



I bought a few really cheap terracotta pots but wanted to do something to them to make them a little bit more exciting. I decided to use some acrylic paint to add some little stripes or simple patterns to to lip of the pots and I am really happy with the finished look – they remind me of a summery Mexican print.


This is SUCH a quickie project. Just splash some paint on and pot them up.


Ps. I think I might try and make a macrame hanger for one of these… has anyone made one before?


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They look very happy now. Love the idea of the macrame hangers, I did make a few a long time ago using a pattern that’s also long gone.


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